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Interview with Tania Joyce about PROPOSITIONS - available now

Tell us about yourself and the genre you write in. What drew you to write in this genre?

I write New Adult, Erotic and Contemporary Romance novels. I love writing stories that thread romance, drama and passion into them. I’ve travelled a lot, have a diverse background in the corporate world and have a love for shopping, shoes and Shiraz. I'm rarely seen without glitter, sparkle and stilettos. My quirk is I collects key rings everywhere I goes and often have an intriguing tale about each one.

I shuffle the hours in my day between part-time work, full-time family life and never-finding-enough-time to write. One day I hope to find balance!

I live in Queensland with my husband and two boys. When I'm not writing, I enjoy camping, hot yoga, and the company of friends and family – especially if it’s over a glass of wine!

I am a member of:

·         QWA (Queensland Writers Association)
·         Yon Beyond Writing Group
·         Mt Ommaney NightWriters Writing Group.

I grew up loving books like Anne of Green Gables, reading the classics like Pride and Prejudice, and getting lost in the world of fantasy, like The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan, before finding my home in the romance genre. I only unearthed the desire to write after having children and still don’t know what triggered the stories that started brewing in my head that landed me into the romance genre … but I love it!

I have met the most amazing, talented and supportive group of writers, authors and publishers.

Romance Writers Rock!

What inspired you to write Propositions and how long did it take?

As I find with all my writing, Propositions was influenced by a combination of many elements.  Some straight forward, while others are so left-wing, I am often baffled at wondering where the ideas come from.

When I started writing this book two years ago, I was going through the rounds of high school and university reunions and catching up with friends I had not seen in a very long time. I was faced with meeting old boyfriends, girlfriends and intrigued by the life choices we had all made to end up where we were at in our lives. It left me questioning: Would I have done anything differently in my life if given another chance? Probably not.  This helped form the foundation for my main character, Jessica Mason. Regardless of everything she has been through, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

My dreams influence a lot of my writing. I have the most amazing, vivid dreams. Colour, room layouts, fine details and conversations all play out in my head. I then join a few of them together with my trusty post-it note plotting board to create interesting story lines.

My own career in corporate marketing has influenced me to write about kickass, career-oriented women who are quite happy and fulfilled in their lives without a man. They just happen to find one that supports and complements them for a Happy Ever After ending.

My travels also influence the location and settings for my story. I like to use real locations and then blend them in with my fictitious elements. All my novels are set in places that I have actually visited to provide that more intimate detail to my readers. Propositions is set in Sydney and the Hunter Valley wine region. I have visited Sydney many times over the years and love the area around Darling Harbour.  The restaurants, bars and action around Cockle Bay is amazing. No trip is complete without a stroll across Pyrmont Bridge, having a gelato and a drink or two in one of the numerous bars on offer.

As you can see many elements came in to play to create Propositions. It was an amazing, emotional and sexy novel to write. Propositions took just under two years to write … that’s from first word, to editing, to rewrites and reworks and to finally see it being published with Momentum Books.

What did you learn about your characters that you didn't know when you started writing?

Like most characters I write about, they became so real to me. 
Jessica, my heroine, is a successful business woman with a tough exterior. But as her world starts to fall apart, I learned that she really did have a vulnerable side and that it’s okay not to be hard on yourself all of the time. Love can change everything!

I like my characters to have a quirk. Nate Somers, my hero, of all things has a tea superstition and can read tea leaves.  I had so much fun researching superstitions and tasseography, but still can’t read tea leaves and will now forever turn my teapot three times anticlockwise.  Uncovering Nate’s background intrigued me. I learned that he had a rough upbringing with an unloving father and had a cruel ex-wife which really shaped him into the man he is.

Then there’s Troy Smith. I actually found him really hard to write.  He’s sweet and charming and everybody falls in love with him which I never expected.  He’s the one that broke your heart, your first love, or the one that got away and will always hold a piece of your heart.  Digging up the emotional experiences to write Troy was challenging. Heartbreak sucks!

Does your book have a message that you hope will resonate with readers?

 Hmm… a serious question when I try not to take things too seriously. I suppose … Be happy with what you achieve and accomplish in your life. Live life with no regrets. Let no one stop you from achieving your dreams.

What are you working on now? Will we meet your characters again in a sequel?

So many stories brewing in my head, not enough time to write them. Or write them quick enough!

I am finishing off the professional edit of my first New Adult romance called “Distractions”. It hopefully won’t be too long until this one is available.

I am also writing the sequel to Propositions. Its working title is called Acquisitions.  In this book you will see one of the characters from Propositions take the lead in this sequel to find their happy ever after.

Then I have three other works in progress that I am very excited about.

I just can’t turn out 70,000+word novels fast enough! Damn it!
Thank you Tania and good luck with PROPOSITIONS.

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No strings attached ... or so she thought.

Following years of sacrifice and struggle, Jessica Mason now co-owns a successful marketing agency in Sydney. All Jessica wants to do is focus on growing her business and maintain the lifestyle she's worked so hard to achieve. But everything changes when her agency wins a major contract for the opening of the new Somers Hotel and she has to take on the account.

Nate Somers is a workaholic trying to please his retiring father. When he meets captivating, go-getting Jessica, the prospect of a short-term love affair sounds like a proposition he'd be crazy to decline.

But when Jessica spends a weekend away at her favourite vineyard retreat, she runs into Troy Smith, the ex-boyfriend who left her broken and vulnerable years ago. Things don't go to plan when the well-kept secrets from her past are revealed and Troy starts weaving his way back into her life.

With her business at stake and hearts at risk, Jessica's future is destined to change. Who will end up making Jessica a proposition she simply cannot refuse?

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  1. Thanks for a great interview, ladies. It's a busy time for you, Tania...but hey, fame calls. Congratulations on your release, and good luck.

  2. Thanks for having me on your blog today. It was great fun.

  3. Great talking with you, Tania. Hope Propositions is a great success.